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Fastrack Reflex Play+ Black: Intuitive Health & BT Calling Smartwatch


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Fastrack Reflex Play: Compact Health & Fitness Smartwatch


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Unisex Watch
$35.92 $95.75 62% off
Fastrack Reflex Vox Unisex Smart Watch With Silicone Strap


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Unisex Watch
$59.82 $83.77 29% off
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Keep Your Fitness and Style on Track: Fastrack Smartwatch for Girl

Fashion is the most powerful form of art and expression. Our outfit is the gateway to our personality. In this modern era, a person's style expresses their emotions and how they perceive life. It is important to choose the right style and outfit that will not only boost your confidence but also help you get to know yourself intimately and learn how to love your curves and all your edges.

This is where smartwatches come in. They’re not just fitness trackers anymore but a fashion statement. Smartwatches not only keep your fitness and health in check but also let you show off your unique style with their wide range of trendy and stylish options that go beyond fitness and style.

These smartwatches for women are like your personal assistant, always at your beck and call. Need to walk your daily 10,000 steps or monitor your sleep cycle while looking like a stylish fitness influencer? Fastrack's got your back! Let's explore the world of smartwatches for girls that can elevate your fitness journey while slaying every fashion look.

The Smartwatch Guide to World Domination

Do you remember the so-not-cool chunky pedometers from yesteryears? Or fumbling with your phones to check your daily steps or how many litres of water you drink? They have been replaced by a revolution that's slapped on your wrist—smartwatches. They began as a glorified fitness tracker, but now—well, maybe not a global takeover, YET. Still, they have definitely dominated your daily routine.

Trending smartwatches for girls are among the hottest accessories in the current fashion market. The best part is that there are plenty of them, so every lady can find a style that suits her taste.

Why Do You Need A Smart Watch?

The best smartwatch for women is often packed with features like tracking your steps and calories burned and even crushing fitness goals—all on your watch. It also consists of various workout modes that help you shape your fitness journey. Plus, some smartwatches let you control your music, reply to texts, and even pay for stuff without fumbling with your phone.

Smartwatches also help you stay connected even when you're on the go, allowing you to stay stylish, motivated, and connected while keeping your health and well-being the no.1 priority. A smartwatch is basically your ultimate wrist-worn bestie, keeping you connected, fit, and on fleek all day, every day. So, the time has come to ditch the bulky and explore the world of Fastrack smartwatch for girls and find the perfect one to elevate your everyday life!

Your Guide to the Perfect Smart Watch

Let's say you want to buy a bag that has been popping up on your fyp page on Instagram for weeks. You finally fall into the pit of your temptation, but when you get to the store, you have two colour options—one in your favourite colour, pink and the other in versatile white. You know that white goes with all your outfits while pink..well, pink screams personality! Which one do you choose?

In the same way, there are so many options for the best smartwatches for girls on the market, which can literally make you feel lost. It always seems like one option is better than the other. That is why this is the ultimate guide to buying a smartwatch for girls.

Just like there are different styles, a smartwatch for women shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all situation. Instead, it should reflect your unique style and seamlessly become a part of your life. Let's dive into all the factors you should consider before becoming a smart watch-savvy queen:

Know Your Priorities

Are you a fitness fanatic on a mission or a social butterfly who needs to stay connected 24/7? It is important to identify your priorities will help you choose features that truly matter. Maybe you need advanced GPS tracking for outdoor adventures or, perhaps, a built-in messaging for seamless communication. The right smartwatch will offer all the required features


Let's be real: Your smartwatch is an extension of your style. Do you rock a sporty vibe or crave a touch of elegance? Choose a design that complements your everyday look. Many smartwatches for girls offer interchangeable straps so that you can change things up based on your mood or outfit.

Explore the Features

We know looks are important, but they're not everything. Check out all the features of the smartwatch, like compatibility with your phone and different in-built applications like a sleep tracker, heart rate monitor, and oxygen level monitor. In some smartwatch for girls, there are menstruation cycle trackers.

Make sure that you get a smartwatch with AI, as it can really help you make your life easier and smarter. Remember that a smartwatch has a lot more features than you think!

Battery Life

A smartwatch for girls with low battery life can never be called smart. They are your tiny health coaches on your wrists that constantly monitor you in different ways, such as your sleep, heart rate, oxygen level, and even your blood pressure. So, always choose a watch that lasts so that it can stay at the top of your well-being and be with you all day, every day.

Check Out The Display

It is always advisable to opt for smartwatches with an HD Display Screen, as that way, you will not only look fashionable but also get a clearer look at the screen. The most prominent feature of your smartwatch is that it displays all the vital information on the screen even when it is exposed to direct sunlight. Furthermore, the design and style of your smartwatch heavily depend on the quality and shape of your display.

Set Your Budget

Smartwatch for girls come in all price ranges. Set a budget and thoroughly research options that offer the features you need in your watch without pinching your wallet. Remember that the most expensive option isn't always the best.

Waterproof Smartwatches

Be it your sweat or surprise downpours, a smartwatch should be your companion all day long. Look out for smartwatches for girls that are 100% waterproof and can handle your workouts, rainy days, and accidental splashes. This ensures seamless operation and tracking.

Absolutely! Smartwatches for girls can track various fitness activities such as sleep trackers, daily steps and distance trackers, oxygen and blood pressure monitors, and various workout modes like running, cycling, swimming, and more.

Yes, many smartwatches for girls come with the feature to change their straps. This allows you to presonalise your smartwatch that fits your style the best. You can filter out by searching for models that mention 'interchangeable straps' or 'customisable straps’.

Fastrack’s female smartwatch are designed for daily wear. They typically come in various styles and comfortable designs suitable for multiple occasions and events.

Yes, Fastrack smartwatches for girls have a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. It is advised to read the warranty policy before purchasing any product.

Not all female smartwatch can make phone calls. Fastrack Reflex Play is an edition of smartwatches for girls that allows Bluetooth calls from your smartwatch.

Yes, Fastrack smartwatches are known for catering different styles to various tastes and preferences. They come in a wide variety of designs and colours to match your individual style.