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Partywear Fashion Watches (27)
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Fastrack Tick Tock Brown Dial Watch for Guys


Guys Watch
₹ 4,795
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Flaunt Your Style: Trendy Watches for Every Night Out

Getting ready for a night out? The perfect outfit is only half the story. When it comes to making a lasting impression, trendy male watches or fancy women's watches can elevate your entire look. Stylish watches for women and men add a touch of personality and complete your party ensemble.

We at Fastrack understand the power of a statement piece. Our dedicated party-wear fashion collection offers stunning, stylish watches for every trend and personality. So, skip the ordinary and step into the spotlight with a Fastrack watch that speaks volumes about you.

What are Fashion Watches?

Fashion watches are about making a statement. It should complement your outfit, elevate your look, and exude an undeniable charm. Here's what to consider:


Is it bold and glitzy for a night on the dance floor or sleek and sophisticated for a more formal event? Fastrack offers a range of styles to suit your vibe, from the chunky metallic designs of the Exuberant collection to the delicate embellishments of the Younique series.


Don't be afraid to play with colour! A rose gold watch like the Fastrack Enchant can add a touch of femininity, while a bold blue dial like the Fastrack Glitch can make a real statement.


Stainless steel offers a timeless elegance, while leather straps add a touch of vintage charm. Feeling adventurous? Explore our watches with silicone straps for a pop of colour and a playful vibe.

Trendy Male Watches for Effortless Style

When you step out for that party or special occasion, your watch should speak volumes about your style. Fastrack's trendy men watches boast a variety of features and designs to match your unique vibe.

• The Chronograph King

For the man who thrives on precision, a chronograph watch is a must-have. These trendy male watches feature multiple dials to track elapsed seconds and minutes, adding a touch of sophistication and sportiness to your look.

• The Minimalist Maestro

If you prefer a clean and classic aesthetic, Fastrack has a range of minimalist and trendy male watches that are perfect for the modern man. Think sleek dials, stainless steel straps, and a focus on functionality.

• The Statement Maker

Don't be afraid to stand out! Fastrack's collection also features bold and eye-catching designs for the man who wants to make a statement. Think of trendy male watches with metallic finishes, coloured dials, and unique strap materials.

Stylish Watches for Women to Shine All Night

Ladies, you deserve a watch that complements your individual style and makes you feel like the star of the show. Fastrack's collection of fancy women's watches and stylish watches for women offers a dazzling array of options, from delicate and feminine to bold and glamorous.

1. The Shimmering Sequins

Add a touch of sparkle to your party look with a fancy women's watch that features a sequined or glitter-detailed dial.

2. The Rose Gold Romance

Rose gold is a timeless colour that adds a touch of warmth and elegance to any outfit. Fastrack offers a variety of fancy women's watches with rose gold casing or detailing, perfect for the woman who loves a touch of sophistication.

3. The Two-Tone Trend

For a touch of modern flair, consider a fancy women's watch with a two-tone design. This could involve a combination of rose gold and silver or gold and black. These watches offer versatility and can easily transition from day to night.

Features that Fastrack Offers

While aesthetics is important, your party watch should also be practical. Fastrack doesn't just offer stylish watches for women, we provide a complete party-watch experience. Here's a glimpse of what you'll find on our website:

1. Unbeatable Deals:

Get your party started right with exciting discounts on most of our trending watches.

2. A World of Styles:

Explore Fastrack's diverse collections like Stunners, Tick Tock, and Automatics. Each collection boasts unique designs and features to suit your taste and personality.

3. For Him & Her:

Whether you're a man or a woman, Fastrack has the perfect watch for you. Find stylish watches for women and men at prices ranging from under Rs 3000 to over Rs 5000.

4. Shop Your Way:

Fastrack makes shopping for watches a breeze. You can browse by function (chronograph, analogue, etc.), material (stainless steel, leather), and even strap colour to find the perfect time-telling piece that complements your style.

Fashion watches prioritize style and aesthetics over technical specifications. They come in a wide variety of designs, colours, and materials to complement your outfit and personal taste. They may not have the same level of durability or water resistance as traditional timepieces, which often prioritise precise timekeeping and longevity.

For a party, a watch can be a great conversation starter and add a touch of personality to your ensemble. Opt for watches with bolder colours, metallic finishes, sparkling embellishments, or unique materials like leather or mother-of-pearl. Consider the overall theme or colour scheme of your party outfit when selecting your watch.

Minimalist: Clean lines, simple dials, and classic colours like black and white offer timeless elegance.

  • • Vintage-Inspired: Retro designs with leather straps, geometric patterns, or chronograph dials add a touch of nostalgia.
  • • Mesh Bracelets: Breathable and lightweight, mesh bracelets offer a modern and sophisticated look.

Generally, fashion watches are more affordable than traditional watches. This wider range of prices allows you to find a stylish timepiece that fits your budget.

  • • Regularly clean your Fastrack watch with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust and dirt.
  • • Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals.
  • • If your watch has a leather strap, avoid getting it wet, and consider using a leather conditioner occasionally to maintain its suppleness.
  • • It's recommended to consult the Fastrack user manual for specific care instructions for your watch model.

You can shop for genuine Fastrack fashion watches and party wear watches at our physical stores or from the official website<.