About Us

About Us

Fastrack was launched in 1998 and became an independent urban youth brand in 2005. Since then, it has carved a niche for itself with watches and sunglasses that are both fashionable and affordable. Fastrack extended its footprint into accessories in 2009 with a range of bags, belts and wallets. Fastrack retails across the nation through 158 exclusive Fastrack stores in over 79 cities as well as authorized multi-brand outlets and online (www.fastrack.in). Today, the brand has successfully notched up the title of being the most loved youth fashion brand in the country.

Fastrack’s DNA

If Fastrack was to be described in a single word, ‘Irreverent’ would be it. Not the insolent, sacrilegious or rude variety, but more the cheeky anti-authoritarian kind. This is evident in the brand’s edgy, provocative and tongue-in-cheek advertising. A brand that questions everything, pushes boundaries, constantly re-invents and never strays near the beaten path. Fastrack has earned the tag of being ‘Effortlessly Cool’. For them it boils down to not taking things too seriously, they flip the bird at having to be acceptable and smile sardonically in the face of all the haters. Stemming from the need to keep their audience engaged and at the edge of their seats, Fastrack has developed the innate ability to switch tracks and constantly reinvent. The brand is ‘Unpredictable’, and always has a trick up its sleeve. The ideal of being ‘Eternally Young’ is a concept that Fastrack identifies with and lives by, every day. It is straddling that thin red line between adolescent and adulthood and it is staying right there. Fastrack’s permanent subscription to the fountain of youth is an integral base in its DNA strand as progression is infinite when you are forever young.

Fastrack’s Positioning

Fastrack is India’s foremost youth accessories brand. It is sporty and coed. It believes that it is all about range and delivers just that in almost ungodly quick cycles. The brand stays focused on its audience and delivers what they want before they even know they want it. Fastrack is accessible and owns the playing field. It is not cheap, just affordable. It is not just about fashion but rather, lifestyle. It does not make products that are meant to be collectibles or those that will turn into heirlooms. It does not just make watches. It is not the manufacturer of tween gear. Fastrack accessorizes the youth… it makes what is their war paint and marks of individualism; it represents, articulates and stands for all they have to say.

Move On

It’s Fastrack’s philosophy, its mantra, its battle cry. This simple phrase is the expression of the way the brand thinks, operates, communicates and works. It’s a blueprint for all that is Fastrack.

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