The Indian space program is making giant leap to the moon, Mars and beyond.
Inspired by this journey, we launch a collection that celebrates the spirit of
space exploration and the distinct facets of the universe.
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Display your fashion with HUD

A collection dedicated to the head-up display of spacecrafts, this range is a metallic delight to the eyes with its multifunction movement, angle cut hands with fill, printed dial and metal insert. These guys' watches exhibit a powerful mechanism to give that extra edge to complete your look.


Break the clutter with Eclipse

Witness the magic of an eclipse with a range that explodes energy and dials that take a shift at styling. These girls’ watches are spaced out in charismatic array that gives you the powerful look, perfect for every style that you’re aiming for.


Leave your Mark with Orion

Inspired from Orion constellation, a distinguished constellation ruling the night sky, this range of girls’ watches come with a gradient dial and precise patterns on it. It captures the imagination of the starry night and makes you stand apart.


Make a statement with Horizon

A collection inspired from the horizon, this range of guys' watches has a gradient dial with uneven edge galvanized by undiscovered territories at a distance. These watches bring out the fashion quotient with its luminous design, color variants and glossy texture.



Time is on our side. ISRO got us over the moon and Chandrayaan-2 touched down on our hearts.

The space is within your reach now! Fly higher just like the efforts of team ISRO.

A stellar evolution of time

Explore a world of space and beyond

Arrive in style

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