Reflex N

Understanding your Band and App Screens

There are 7 primary screens and 4 advanced settings screens on the band. The music and camera screens are visible only when the band is paired with the phone.
To switch between screens, slide from left-to-right or right-to-left in the area marked with arrows.
The Combo screen and the Fitness Band Screen can be switched from vertical view to horizontal view, by pressing one of the arrows for 1.5 seconds.
  • setupNotificationIcon

Combo Screen

This screen displays the time, weather, and fitness data. You can switch between vertical (for easier viewing) and horizontal (for more information) viewing modesby pressing the screen for 1.5 seconds.

Fitness Band Screen

This screen displays the time, weather, and fitness data. You can switch between vertical (for easier viewing) and horizontal (for more information) viewing modes by pressing the screen for 1.5 seconds.

Fitness App Screen

On this screen you can see the current day’s fitness data and the previous night’s sleep data.
You can switch the fitness and sleep sections using the toggle button at the bottom of the screen.
The Fitness screen displays your target steps with the current steps and progress shown in a wheel. The text displays the Distance walked, Calories burned and Active time for the current day. The default target of 5000 steps can be changed in Settings.
The Sleep screen displays a target wheel with the number of hours slept. The text section displays the total sleep, deep sleep, light sleep and wake up time. The target sleep can be changed in Settings.
The wheel displays the target reached in orange. If fitness exceeds target, the excess of target is shown in red on the wheel.
Touching the center of the wheel in either screen will take the user to the history screen.

Fitness Historical App Screen

  • This screen displays the historical data of your fitness and sleep. The data can be viewed as Daily (7 days data), Weekly (7 weeks data) or Monthly (12 months data).
  • If you move the red line on the graph, you can view the corresponding day/week/month details in the text below.
Fitness Historical App Screen:
Sleep Historical App Screen:

Fitness and Sleep App settings

Sleep Enable: Enable/Disable Sleep detection
Sleep Target: Change the default Sleep Target time of 8 hours.
Daily Target: Change the default target of 5000 steps per day here. The range is from 1000-30000 steps per day.
Sedentary Reminder: Enable or disable the Sedentary Reminder here and select the duration for sedentary time. The default is 2 hours.
For example, when you do not walk between 8PM and 8:30PM, the band will give you an alert that says, “Idle for 30 minutes”.
Distance format: Change the default distance format from kilometers to miles.
Google Fit or Apple Health: Toggle Google Fit or Apple Health integration On or Off and track the steps walked.
The default settings use the average male height to calculate calories burnt and distance covered. To track activity more accurately, enter your gender, height, and weight under My Account.
The fitness data resets at midnight on the band every day. For historical data, refer to the app. The band will store fitness data of the last one day in case not paired with the phone in that duration. The app will store data until it is deleted from the phone.

Meeting notifications

This screen displays two upcoming meetings, for up to four meetings a day. Once all meetings are done, the watch face will display “No More Meetings”.
If there are no meetings scheduled, the watch face will display “No Meetings”. At the time of the meeting, the watch will vibrate and display an alert.
The band syncs event reminders from Google calendar or the default calendar on Android devices and the default calendar on iOS devices.

Alarm notifications

This screen displays the current date, day, and time. The phone app can be used to configure alarms and second city time.
The alarm can be set once for the next 24 hours, Repeat for each weekday or Repeat for each weekend. Band will vibrate for 2min for every 30sec until user double taps on band screen.
These can then be toggled by long pressing the watch screen for 1.5 seconds.
The format of the date can be changed in the phone app settings.
Double tap on alarm screen will beep the phone to find the paired phone.

Message notifications

When you receive a notification, the band vibrates. If you touch the band, you can scroll through the text.
Notification will also scroll when bring to see.
The first line shows the notification type and sender, followed by the message. For example:
< SMS: Sam>
<Hey what’s up?>
The band stays in on the notification screen for 30 seconds. If you touch the screen, it will scroll through the text again.
You can view SMS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and WeChat notifications. Enable or disable these notifications through the phone app.
The band alerts only for the enabled categories

Call notifications

When you receive a call, the band vibrates and displays the caller number or name. You can mute or reject the call by doing the gesture.
Long press for Call reject in both Android and IOS. Call mute is not supported in iOS.

Music Screen

This screen displays the song name, time, and steps taken.
The music can be changed using the arrows on the screen or the gestures for this function, provided the music app is started on the phone first.
The song can be played or paused by long pressing the screen.

Camera Screen

You can tap the band once to take pictures or use gesture control to get started.
The photo will be taken through the app camera and not the default phone camera.

System Screen

  • This screen displays the battery level and the option to go to the Advanced Settings.
  • When the band is low on battery, an icon displays the same every time the screen comes on.
There are four additional screens that can be accessed from the Advanced Settings:


The first screen will display ‘Find Phone’ and ‘Start Sleep’. Ensure your phone is connected to the band.
To find your phone with a beep, tap the screen once on the >> towards Find Phone. To make the phone stop beeping, tap at the same place on the screen again.
Sleep is automatically monitored by the band. In order to manually change it, you can do so by tapping on the << towards Start sleep and switching between start sleep and stop sleep.
The second screen displays the option to turn Airplane mode off/on and the Bluetooth ID of the band.
To turn on the Bluetooth, ensure that Airplane mode is off on the band. This ensures you can connect your phone to the band using the ID displayed.
You will not receive any notifications on the band while you have turned the Airplane mode ‘On’.
This screen displays the option to factory reset the band or restart Bluetooth. To connect the band to a different phone, factory reset your band. Your band will display the message “Unpair on Phone”.
Exit the phone app and unpair/forget the band from the Bluetooth settings menu. This will allow you to connect to a new phone.
On tapping Factory Reset, you will view the screen shown alongside, where you will have to double tap to factory reset. Single tapping or sliding will skip the factory reset.
Single tapping or sliding will skip the factory reset. Please note that all the fitness data on the band will reset to ‘0’ once you have reset the band.
Tap on Restart Bt to fix a corrupted connection.
This screen displays the software version and option to exit to the main screen. The information displayed includes the OS firmware version and the Bluetooth version.
Tapping Exit will return you to the main Combo screen.
Long touch on any of screen will Exit from the advance screen.

Advanced Bluetooth Settings

The band has a Bluetooth 4.1 BLE connection. It is automatically set to connect. Select the "FT-WAV-XXXX" device in the app to connect your band. The Bluetooth range extends to 30ft (10M) in open areas and 10-30ft (3-10M) in closed areas.
If the band is out of range, the Bluetooth disconnects, and the Bluetooth disconnected icon displays. The band will automatically connect to your phone once it is within range.
If the notification connection is not successful during reconnection, a notification missing icon displays.
If the Bluetooth or Notifications connections stop when your phone is in range, follow these steps:
Step 1: Touch the band to activate it and open the phone app. The phone app will try to reconnect to the band automatically.
Step 2: If the connection is still not restored, click on ‘QuitApp’ in the drop-down menu, restart it and restart the Bluetooth on your phone.
Step 3: If connection still fails, go to the Advanced Settings screen on the band and select “Restart Bluetooth”.
Step 4: If you are still unable to connect, factory reset the band and pair as a new device.
Please Note:
1. If Bluetooth connection is corrupted, switch OFF/ON the phone airplane mode.
2. If application is closed in the background the Bluetooth connection gets interrupted, lock the application before closing it in the background.
3. In some rare conditions for Iphone devices, If the device does not connect to the band after trying all the above Bluetooth recovery steps. Restart phone before doing unpair-factory reset.
4. For Mi devices with Bluetooth issue, To pair the phone select device multiple times.

Gesture and Misc.

Wrist Gesture: Click here to enable/disable gestures on the band.
View Screen: Enable/Disable the View Screen gesture, to switch on the display by tilting or moving your hand to the Watch Read position.
Phone Finder Enable: If this option is enabled, the band will vibrate if the phone is out of range of the band and the below screen will appear.
Please note that disabling the Wrist Gesture and View Screen will improve battery life of the band.
Quick Reply Settings: If this setting is on and a default message is selected, an SMS will automatically be sent to the caller when you reject an incoming call, using the Reject Call gesture.
Please note that this option is enabled only for Android as SMS reply through non Apple devices is not supported on an iPhone.

Firmware Update

  • You can manually update the band firmware by clicking on this option. The firmware update will include bug fixes and improvements to functionality of the band.
  • The app will periodically inform you when there is an update available for the band.

Factory Reset

  • You can factory reset your band by clicking this option or choosing to do so from the band screen. If you factory rest your band, all of your fitness data will be erased.
  • You will have to pair your band to a phone again, once it is reset. This option is helpful when you need to use a different phone or when the band’s Bluetooth connection fails.

Drop Down Quick Menu settings

To view the additional settings that you can activate, click on the drop-down menu in the app.
These are the following settings:
Test Message: Allows you to send a test message to the band to check connectivity between the phone and the band.
Take Photo: Allows you to put the band on Do Not Disturb/Silent Mode. The band will continue to display the notification but won’t vibrate in this mode.
Take Photo: Allows you to open the camera screen on the app and display the “Ready for Snap” message on the band. Using the camera gesture, you can then take photos.
Start Presentation: Enabling this will put the app, band, and connected computer in presentation mode. You can control the presentation with the presentation gestures.
Quit App: *Selecting this will quit the phone app and disable the Bluetooth connection. This QuitApp option is different from quitting the app through your phone OS. This option is useful when there is a poor connection.
*This option is not available for the iPhone.


  • Bluetooth: 4.1 BLE
  • Accel: 6 Axis Accelerometer and Gyro
  • Micro: M0 Microcontroller
  • Touch: Capacitive Touch
  • Display: High brightness 128x36 pixel OLED Display
  • Radio Frequency: 2.4GHz to 2.48GHz
  • BLE profiles: GATT, Custom SPP over BLE, ANCS
  • Charging Time: 2 Hour
  • Charging Input: 5V 200mA
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion Polymer 90mAh
  • Typical Life: 1 week with normal use
  • Water Resistance: IP67
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 or above and iPhone iOS 7 or above with Bluetooth 4.0 support


  • High accuracy Pedometer with Graphical Steps, Calories and Distance
  • Sleep Tracking with auto detection
  • Notifications with scrolling text
  • Call Alert with option to mute and reject
  • Meeting and Alarm Alerts
  • Multiple screens with Time, Date, Weather, Pedometer, Meetings and system information display.
  • Gesture Support: Bring to See, Call Reject/Mute, Music Control, Camera/Selfie control.
  • Advanced Gestures: Presentation pointer, next, previous slides: Other position control.
  • Sliding Proximity Touch
  • Replaceable Strap
  • Connected phone app for iPhone and Android