Reflex N

Basic Setting

To set up your Reflex Wav, follow the below steps after unboxing the product*:
Step 1: Connect the charger using the provided magnetic USB charger cable. The band should complete charging in 2 hours.
Step 2: Long touch (> 1.5 sec) the touch area (marked by << >>) to power on the band.
Step 3: Install the Reflex Wav app from Play Store for Android or from App Store for iPhone.
Step 4: Select your "FT-WAV-XXXX" (where XXXX is the unique Bluetooth ID of the band) from the app startup screen. The app will pair with the band’s Bluetooth and connect.
  • This will initialize the band with time, date, weather, meetings, settings and other details by syncing with the phone app. Please note that you will need a smooth internet connection while pairing.
  • Before pairing, the below screen will be displayed on the band.
  • displayScreen
  • Your Reflex Wav will be in 'switched off' mode when you receive it.
  • After the first connection, the app will connect directly to the previously paired band. If you have paired multiple bands, you will get the option to select which band to connect to.

Enabling Notification Access for your device

You can enable notification access at any time through the phone settings menu, using the following steps:
  • Samsung S5: Settings -> Sound and Display -> Sounds and Notifications -> Notification Access -> Check Reflex Wav App
  • Nexus 5 or HTC: Settings -> Sound and Notifications -> Notification Access -> Check Reflex Wav App
  • Nexus 6: Settings -> Apps -> Select Settings on the app page -> Special Access -> Notification Access -> Check Reflex Wav App
  • MI phones: Settings -> Additional Settings -> Privacy -> Notification Access -> Check Reflex Wav App
Enabling notification access will allow meeting notifications, date notifications, message notifications, and call notifications. Click for more info

Setting Up Date and Time

Sync Band Time: Select this to update the current time and date on your band. The app will periodically sync the band time.
Date Format: Here you can change the date format seen in the date screen from the default DD/MM/YY to MM/DD/YY or YY/MM/DD.
Time Format: Change the time format from the default 12hr to 24hr clock.
Weather: Change the weather format from the default Centigrade to Fahrenheit unit.
Set 2nd Location: Select the time for a second city here. This time will be displayed in the Date screen.

Band Screen Orientation

The band screen is by default oriented to being worn on the left-hand.
If you want to wear the band on your right hand, invert the display through the ‘Fitness & Sleep’ section under Settings.

My Account

You can enter your name, gender, age, height and weight information here.
This information is used to calculate distance and calories burnt from the steps taken. You can also set your profile picture by either taking a new photo directly on this screen or loading it from an album.