A little rain and some weather shifting really shouldn’t be a dampener on all those pool party plans you had. In fact it should be a catalyst.

Think of the nippy water swirling around your legs, causing heightened stimulation against your skin. The sporadic ripples tickling the small of your back and the swell lulling you into a state of floating satisfaction. Imagine the goose-bumps you cant fight as the swell accepts ....

I adore heads. I like the skeletal plates that form them, the grey matter they contain fascinate me and I even fancy a few of the faces on them. The thought of the person’s mind a skull once contained is tantalising, it’s intricate curved hollows are a thing of beauty and so must be saved and savoured.

Heads have rightly claimed their place atop the anatomical hierarchy and they should be put on a pedestal for ....

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(Music) Festival season is fast approaching… cue the Hipsters. We’re about to enter a three month alternate reality that’s all about obscure head-gear and clichéd conversations about how ‘Lola and Bonaroo are so totally my scene for next year’.

Somewhere in all the fluff, everyone seems to have forgotten what music festivals are actually about… the music. It’s the music that should be the center of your every ....

You know that life lesson about not being attached to material things? It’s one you should most definitely ignore. Because there are some objects that you will come across that you simply must possess and the delicious irony of it all is that they will in turn possess you.

Facets like it’s sleek, steel casing will stir something deep in your gut. It’s iridescent purple face will linger in your line of sight. And the ....

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Whatever happened to ink being personal? About it having a little bit of enigma to it and not being random fairies fluttering insidiously atop obvious body parts?

I like my ink in a place that incites a little mystery. I’d put it on a part of my body that is barely ever grazed by the sun. A place that has a scent of it’s own and where the skin is always just a little bit moist.

A ....

There’s a rough finesse to her. She’s smooth and cold to the touch when I skim my hand over the larger expanses of her body. But, then jagged and burning hot in other crevices.

I can’t get enough, there is too much to straddle all at once. I try hard to sprawl across and control both her delicate idling and her unrestrained power.
I strap on a helmet… safety first, regardless of the type of ride.

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If you are going to get in on a trend then commit to it. Really commit. Make it your own, make it an intrinsic part of who you are and the role you want to play.

Case in point, my fixation with animal-prints. I say fixation because, really, it started out innocent. It was a bit of a crush and then the more I sported it, the more complex it became. I don’t just wear animal-prints, I manifest them.

It started out pretty normal. But then, as day turned to night, things got a bit crazy. So crazy in fact that, at one point, I couldn’t help but sit there with my eyes wide open. It got dark, we got in the back seat, got comfortable and started to get going. Then suddenly there was this whole shift in the proceedings.

First there was stroking them, then they got pushed up and then things got out of hand. Sunglasses like ....

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