“Sunset in 12 minutes, we only have one window and that is right now, do you want the shot?”

“Do you want the shot?” Says a voice that would be perfect for the narration of a ‘How to be a dominatrix’ video tutorial. Synapses start firing and we stutter out confirmation, yes, we do want the shot.

This is the scene that stands out, back from a chilly evening in July on a highway just outside of Cape Town. This one, of Clare the assistant director, orchestrating the money shot.

“Ok then” (walkie crackels) “Talent in the vehicles please”


The goofing off comes to a halt and a scramble is made towards the gleaming turquoise Mustang. In jumps one free-running parkour extremist; a smooth talking, deep dimpled charmer; a mysterious, reserved bad-girl; a dude with so much swagger that he’s secure being the butt of all jokes and a chatty, upbeat girly-girl. This is the crew that cool college movie casting directors dream of. Young and free… represent!


“Police escort and lead car roll out. We’ve got the road blocked off for 10 minutes. 10 minutes only”

“Mustang and bike follow. Camera truck and Tail vehicle fall in. No more cars on the convoy”

We’re about to try and insist that we be there as well. Note, we said ‘try.’ Clare gives us a look that could melt an icecap. “We’ve got 8 minutes of perfect light over the ocean and an empty road. We’ve got this. Go watch the monitors”


And as the screens come to life, there it is… the frame that embodies all that we are… young, effortless, carefree and with a single agenda… to Keep Trippin.’

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